hi,i’m Ricko , you can call me “瑞叔”

Street photograph is going out to shoot, walking constantly, without preset plans. Every street corner will be strange at the moment. As long as you find your favorite picture, no matter what it is, you will take it quickly and without hesitation with the camera. As a post-80s generation, like many small partners around us, we have a deep reason to like our city when we are young. Whether it is the alley or the pond at the door, high-rise buildings or even the new street corner with rapid changes, we all have feelings that we can’t give up. I like to pay attention to the interaction between people and things, and observe the display of windows and all kinds of advertisements on the street.
“Casual and safe present” is the best attitude of street photography. 2021 is over. Let’s put the past aside and start with “heart” in 2022!





How old are you? 41 years old.

Who are your influences? Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ernst Haas, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Sebastio Salgado, Cecil Beaton, Fan Ho, Don McCullin.

Do you also produce colour work? Yes.

What are your favourite cities for Street Photography? Shanghai,china/

Do you need an assistant? I do not work with assistants unless on commercial shoots where somebody is provided.

Advice for new photographers? Have fun with the camera. Put in the hours, think for yourself and keep a camera on you all the time.

What camera do you use? Leica M Cameras. Mostly the M10 . I also use the Ricoh GR3x


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